This site denounces the illegal practices of Benfica in Portugal. The fact that the media don’t talk about most scandals, which are available on the internet, was one of the reasons to have created this site, to be able to compile all the information in one place.

Benfica controls Portuguese football entities, clubs and opponent players

In June 2017, Francisco J. Marques, communication director of F.C. Porto, started revealing e-mails belonging to people related to Benfica. Since then, several revelations of illegal practices have been made by Francisco J. Marques, as well as by some newspapers not controlled by Benfica, as well as with the online disclosure of e-mails by the Benfica Polvo Mercado website. Also, Bruno de Carvalho, President of Sporting revealed, in 2016, that Benfica was offering vouchers to referees, to an expensive restaurant where they could eat and drink everything they wanted.

These practices contribute to influence peddling, active and passive corruption, match-fixing, control of newspapers, control of sports entities (Arbitration Council, Council of Justice, Court of Arbitration for Sport, Portuguese Football Federation, salary payments to opposing clubs, etc.)

That’s why the Benfica was baptized Octopus [Polvo in Portuguese], with these 8 tentacles he manages to control everything.

To better understand e-mails, below is a glossary of some words used as part of these e-mails.


Cartilha: Document sent by Benfica to “Cartilheiros”, every week, to reproduce in the media, television program, newspapers and social networks.
Cartilheiros: people who receive information from Benfica, every week, to reproduce in the media, TV program, newspapers and social networks. These are the parrots of Benfica.
Cute Boys: These are people who do everything for  Benfica, even using illegal practices. The word comes from an e-mail from one of those people who says “I just want to be a cute boy for Benfica and the President”.
Priests: Referees who favor Benfica. Removed from an email between two people linked to Benfica.
Octopus: Benfica