The searches made by the Judiciary Police were done because of indirect payments to referees

Benfica’s facilities were searched on October 19, 2017, on suspicion of corruption. The magazine “Sábado” revealed more details about those searches in this week’s edition, showing that they were conducted to collect two significant types of documentation: electronic and paper information (notepad, notebooks, and journals). The Judiciary Police (PJ) also wanted to obtain financial documentation and…


Paulo Gonçalves is accused in the investigation of the e-mails case

One of the Octopus’s tentacles is now one of the subjects of the e-mails case. Paulo Gonçalves takes part in several dialogues that were revealed by Francisco J. Marques in the TV Show Universo Porto da Bancada and also by the newspaper Expresso.

According to Benfica sources (who by miracle are always anonymous), the constitution of defence by Paulo Gonçalves “are not in any concrete suspicion of the process, but rather in the requirements of the statuss of the order of lawyers that so determines whenever a lawyer provides information in a process “.